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Institutional Education of children and adolescents happens in different places. According to the national settings, the institutions are different forms of schools, but there are also forms of extra-curricular education like civic education, political education (e.g. by trade unions), human rights education, social work, intercultural learning and mixed forms.
Schools or other educational institutions are very important as institutions where children and adolescents spent a lot of time and where socialisation happens. Children and adolescents who exhibit challenging behaviours are given labels such as "severe behaviour", "troubled" or "violent" and that these negative labels have often repercussions on them. Root causes of negative behaviour are seldom addressed. It is important to use self-reports to note the negative effects of labelling and repressive practices on children and Youth, and discuss the implications for society as a whole. A careful consideration of the systemic sources of the behaviour can be made with intersectional approaches.
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