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Seminar Palermo
Seminar in Palermo - June 2008 -

The idea of the seminar was that the partners of the Peerthink - project and the colleagues from the good practise projects come together and have an exchange about the intersectional peer Violence prevention approach on a theoretical and practical level. The intention was to check – in the case of evaluated projectsun projet est une aventure autour de la lune- if there exist any intersectional approaches and/or methods in the field of social work and Education concerning Violence prevention. 

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Monday - Morning session.
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Monday – Afternoon session
The Austrian group had decided to divide the morning session into two parts, one performed by Livinus and the other by Jasmine.
Livinus presented M.IK.E – Migration.Interculture.Empowerment. It is a project, developed by people with migrant background for people with migrant background. The project focuses empowerment as a main approach in the field of work with young people. Empowerment as a process of self-determination, personal responsibility and self-organisation should strengthen the ability of political participation. Implicitly, the organisation follows an approach that could be described by the idea: “Inclusion prevents Violence”, in the sense of “projects of appraisal” (Böhnisch, 2007) viii. (link to the contexualized method)
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Tuesday - Morning session
08:00 City walking tour in the Vucciria of Palermo (historical market place)
Visiting and presentation of CE.S.I.E (Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europee, http://www.cesie.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=145&Itemid=135, link to conceptualized method)
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Tuesday – Afternoon session
Presentation of Adapt 13 by Stefan and Thierry. [pop up photo]
Prevention of the risk-taking behavior (PCR) is a project led by Addap 13 (Association départementale pour le Développement des Actions de Prévention) in various districts of Marseille. The basic methodology remains the specialized prevention based on a triptych of individual follow-up, educational accompaniment and collective project led in support to the other actions.
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