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Minute of Workshop "Recommendations for politicians and other actors" :

We were brainstorming that recommendations should be addressed on two levels: political and pedagogical level . For the best results it would be good to start addressing these two levels parallely.

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Minute on Workshop “Building a sustainable network”

Central questions of this workshop:
a)    For what could a sustainable network be good? Is it a network for support on the practical level, for example for improving practical concepts or more on a political level?
b)    How should it work? Website based?
c)    What would be needed?
d)    Structure of communication?
Participants: two academics, one practitioner, two practitioners / researchers.

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We collected some feedback on the peerthink conference and tried to take it to heart while we were
revising our products in the project’s last two months. We couldn’t do all, but we wrote some introductions, added layout, wrote a little self learn tool on Intersectionality etc.etc. There is  much more to do and we hope that PeerThink might inspire you to improve what we started…
Thanks to all who shared their thoughts with us!

comment by Heike Kleffner
Closing comment on PeerThink Conference by HEIKE KLEFFNER
(journalist, involved in the project “Mobile Counselling against right-wing Extremism”)

I have to say that I am impressed by the results of the peer think  project – that I understand as work-in-progress – considering the short amount of time it has been in existence, that it only started in the winter of 2007 and considering the many obstacles it has faced: the fact that the participating organizations, NGOs and people speak various languages, have very varying experiences, have different objectives in their everyday work, but also probably in the project etc.