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PeerThink is an innovative project founded by the EU-Daphne II program. The project's runtime is from May 2007 to May 2009. After finishing this core time it will continue as a web-site with this online handbook and a network of competencies. In this manual you will discover the opportunities and advantages of the new concept of Intersectionality regarding peer Violence prevention.

The PeerThink group which developed the manual consists of five partner organisations: Peace Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Männer Beratung Graz (Graz, Austria), bbjshare.it (Palermo, Italy), EuroCircle (Marseille, France) and Dissens (Berlin, Germany). In addition to these project partners, colleagues of one good practice project for each country contributed with their concepts and their experiences. Without the possibility to have an insight into their work through evaluation, and without their contributions to our joint seminar (June 2008), where we had an exchange about theoretical and practical questions, this handbook would not exist at all. Therefore here is the place to THANK our good practice projects for all their contributions.
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