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Classification of methods
(Majda Hrženjak, Živa Humer)

Selected methods do not focus themselves directly on Violence but all of them deal with the social differences and social inequalities which come up as a result of Gender, ethnic, racial or Class categorisation and related everyday experiences. They develop sensitivity for, recognition, reflection and discussion of social differences based on gender, class, Ethnicity or race. Most of them are open methods and can be modified to address other social differences too (disability, age, Religion, sexual practices etc.) or be focused on one or two social categories (e.g. gender and ethnicity) and their intersections. Some methods go deeply and touch upon how to recognise discrimination, anger, conflicts and violence which arise from social differences based on social categorisation and develop strategies how to deal with this feelings and situations (e.g. conflict resolution methods).

We classified methods according to the complexity of their structure as follows:

Starters, warming up methods or ice breakers which can only be performed at the beginning of the workshop for getting to know each other, to release the tensions and to bring participants into the working and exchanging mood. These methods are :

Advance methods which can be further classified as:
  • Focused discussion methods which are more complex than starters and go much deeper into structuring and discussing their subject but they still need a warm up method before their beginning and some of them also need a reflection at the end of them if it is not already part of their structure. Most of the methods fit into this category. These methods are:

Barometer of Opinions
Four Corners
Charades Four Fields of Discrimination
The Big Win A Baby is born
The Reciprocal Maieutic Approach Conflict Onion
Level Playing Field  

  • Self-sufficient advance methods in which a kind of warming-up and preparation as well as reflection are already part of their structure. They can be used as a workshop in itself. These methods are:

Photo Project
Violence Preventive Workshops
Constructions on Violence As Real Life

In manual we included also two programs from France, which cannot be performed as a method but can be used as a framework of principles and guidelines how to develop violence and risk-taking behaviour preventive projects. These are:
Specialized Prevention Technique
Prevention of Risk-Taking Behaviour.