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Daphne Peerthink or How to prevent the Violence among the young people ? Interviews during their final conference in Berlin with European researchers in sociology and social workers Podcast part 1

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This final conference in Berlin last February closed a 3 years long project “Peerthink” (in the context of the European program Daphnee) between reasearchers in sociology and social workers from 5 countries in Europe (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France) who worked together to improve their approach and methods with the aim to better understand and prevent the violence among the young people in Europe.


The conference in Berlin February 2009

In this podcast (part1) the interviews with researchers and social workers from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Germany : they give their point of view about the handbook they wrote together, their first reactions after the conference and wortkshops in Berlin, the problems they meet in their daily job and a valuation of their own work.


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