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-> interviews recorded at Palermo (part 3 and end)
In this podcast (part 3) with 5 interviews, it’s the end of the report about the European meeting at Palermo. We will start with the Slovenian workers who promote a non-violent communication in the society with a feminist approach which doesn’t exclude the men, then two Austrian and Italian workers who were both born in Africa and who became kind of cultural mediators for the migrants in their current countries, in between a French street social worker who takes care of the disadvantaged kids of the city Marseille and to finish a French sociologist who explained her own contribution as well as the PEERTHINK project’s next steps until the final conference at Berlin in February 2009.
Photos from the meeting at Palermo on Meltingtalks with the possibility to send your reactions about the interviews on this blog with clicking at "comments" under the reviews.
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