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Good practice project France
Prévention des Conduites à Risque, PCR
Prevention of the risk-taking behavior

Prevention of risk-taking behaviour is a French project, developed by a street and social workers organisation. Their main approach is the concept of “dedicated prevention” based on street Education by presence and action proposed in an urban district with anonymous and willing choice of participation and where Violence is taken as an everyday phenomenon as others.

The main target group of the project are young people aged 12 to 22 years old living in underprivileged urban areas and facing problems (educational, social, economical, etc.) Social conditions are taken into account and referred through individual educational follow-up.
The aim of the project is to reach and to include in some actions the peers who have more risk to act and to become targets of violence as well as the ones who have already a violent behaviour to reflect on the power relation among peers and towards institutions. Strategies are implemented to decrease the power relation on an individual and structural ground which is essential to start working on other aspects as in those urban areas the peers hierarchy is codified and usually linked to violence.

The social categories as Class, ethnic background and Gender are particularly addressed and interconnected in the project. Relations between those categories are analysed within a specific district being part of the urban network. The project works on gender and class by having activities made for girls or boys with methods to empower them and to help them to draw their future outside identities conflicts intertwined between French role model seen as the majority group with high social class, and the ones with ethnic backgrounds seen as low class and minority for example.

Violence prevention is addressed on the three levels within the global methodology but the project focuses more the first and second levels.

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