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Good practice project Italy
Ce.S.I.E. (Centro Studied Iniziative Europee)

Ce.S.I.E. is a non-profit organisation which works on intercultural dialogue; fights against discrimination, for peace and non-Violence; and is concerned with Gender issues. The centre for creative development “Danilo Dolci” promotes the method and the work of Danilo Dolci in Palermo through the project “Inventing the Future – Reciprocal meiotic Approach in Conflict Transformation”.

It is an international project co-funded by the European Commission, and is carried out in seven different countries. In Palermo the main topic is the lack of communication between the local and immigrant population. Therefore “Danilo Dolci” initiatives want to create bridges of communication between  those communities.
Groups of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 and from different cultural backgrounds participate in the activities. The activities are proposed by the youngsters themselves as well as by the volunteers of Ce.S.I.E. These activities follow the meiotic methodology.

The possibility to participate in those activities is a way to break down prejudices, bringing the new attitudes also to the families and the neighbourhoods. In this way the local impact happens to be stronger and the project not only addresses the young participants, but besides them also many other youngsters and adults in the city of Palermo.
The main aim of the meiotic groups is to teach/learn how to decrease and solve conflicts of power and inequality between individuals and groups of different social categories as: -often underprivileged- young persons, (im)migrants of different ethnic backgrounds, as well as girls and women. Gender issues are addressed in all groups.

The participation in those activities also opens new opportunities to young people: as travelling abroad in order to live intercultural experiences, which will give a new perspective to become active citizens through practising and living actively the idea of non-violence.

The “Inventing the Future – Reciprocal Meiotic Approach in Conflict Transformation” project in bullet points:

1-The participants will acquire knowledge and competencies in the practice of meiotic as a relational approach;
2-Learn to analyse and reflect on the causes and effects of multiculturalism, on multiethnic and religious conflicts - using the meiotic method;
3-Learn to analyse conflicts and to develop strategies to overcome them mainly, but not exclusively;
4-Help young people to develop abilities and competencies to overcome conflicts in their multi-cultural, multi-ethnical and multi-religious context in a non violent way;
5-Investigate and activate the knowledge of the present resources of the young participants;
6-Develop activities which educate towards parity in the field of conflict-prevention in a non-violent way and with respect to diversity;
7-Develop active citizenship among young people and strengthen the role of youngsters in the process of changing the society;
8-Develop activities for the concept of non-formal Education and the meiotic as a relational approach as well as mobility as a non-violent way to resolve conflicts;
9-Contribute to an attitude of respect and peace towards diversity and help young people to develop a life-plan and contribute to their growth;
10-Reflect on the rights of mankind and fight for their maintenance.

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