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History and activities of EUROCIRCLE
EUROCIRCLE is a European non profit NGO implementing transational projects in the field of social work, Education and employment and favouring mobility especially for youngsters with less opportunities. Founded in Berlin in 1993 in Berlin, the EUROCIRCLE network was a European grouping of project managers in the social sectors of education and employment. In 1996, the network became a non-profit-making Association under French law, and settled in Marseille.

Providing information on European programmes
EUROCIRCLE carries out a strategic and documentary survey of the European programs focused on the initiatives of the EU and organises a European platform of transnational project managers. Since 1996 EUROCIRCLE has been editing a monthly information bulletin in several languages that targets programs of European action and initiatives and other funding tools. Beside, EUROCIRLCE manages an online information system that has a register of about 100 indexed funding tools, each presented in a synoptic file which renders the key elements of the program (aim, contents and eligible institution, backed actions, deadlines, etc.) and offers the possibility to download the offers and proposal texts, the application forms and the available guide.

Implementing transnational partnerships and cross culture management

Beyond the survey and our information system on funding programs, focussed on the "technical" aspects (deadlines, contents, procedures), EUROCIRCLE aims to contribute actively to the emergence of European projects which are lead by all different kinds of structures by providing them not just with European financing but also with new approaches and dynamics which represent an important valuable local impact. The Organisation endeavours to provide the carrier organisation of projects with personal support for the launching of their initiative by steering them towards funding programmes, by offering them, if need should be, transnational partners and accompanying them with the implementation of their projects. Therefore EUROCIRCLE, holds the position of an interface on a European level as a cooperation platform in order to allow organizations to carry out an orphan project (project missing a partner). As partner of transnationals projects, the work of EUROCIRCLE is basically focussed on intercultural aspects of cross-culture management dealing with multilingual communication based on NTICs.

Agreement as Sending-, Hosting- and Coordinating Organisation in the framework of the European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Eurocircle favours the mobility of European youngsters and especially those with less opportunities by means of the EU-program Youth in Action, (mobility program four youngsters between 18 - 30) and hosts and send young European volunteers, by coordination hosting projects in organisations in the county of Bouches-du-Rhône.
In this framework, EUROCIRCLE launched the initiative to connect a Regional network and an European one in order to implement Youth exchanges in Europe (JAMO network) with partner organizations, that play an important role in other regions of Europe and are actively involved in the work with young people.

Association EUROCIRCLE
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